Board Of Directors



Jake Sinclair


Jake is a San Francisco-based Pediatrician and is the co-founder of Ujamaa – Africa. He has been working to develop innovative models to care for high risk youth for the past 20 years. He is a passionate advocate for young victims of domestic and sexual violence and has developed several youth empowerment programs in the USA and Africa.





board member

Brendan is the Child’s Protection Specialist for UNICEF, Malawi. He has worked throughout Africa in various children’s advocacy roles for UNICEF Oxfam and Action Aid Denmark. Brendan studied at the University of Melbourne and Flinders University.





board Member

For over 10 years, Elizabeth has served in senior management positions in the Not-for-Profit sector. She is currently head of Aga Khan Foundation East Africa’s Sustainable Economic Development Sector as well as their Gender Expert. Previously, she served as Regional Planning and Funding Officer in FARM Africa as well as the Regional Manager in Africa Now. Elizabeth has private sector experience having started and run a Tea blending, packing and distribution company for over 5 years. Elizabeth has an MA in Gender Education and International Development from the University of London, Institute of Education.



Board chair

Ada Mwangola is currently the Vision 2030 Assistant Director for the Social and Political Pillars. She brings a wealth of over 10 years’ experience working in both the government and non- governmental sectors in Kenya.




Board member(hon)

Justice Onguto was promoted to the High Court of Kenya two years ago and has written several important Kenyan national policy briefs since that time. He chairs several important national oversight committees including social welfare and judiciary review. Justice Onguto has long been a passionate advocate for the underserved in Kenyan society and a champion of justice and empowerment for vulnerable women and children. 




Board member

Yolande Coombes gained her PhD in Public Health from the University of London and has more than 25 years of experience in the field of public health, behaviour change and evaluation. She has written several academic books and peer reviewed articles.
 Yolande has worked for DFID, USAID, WHO, World Bank and the BMGF.In 2007 she joined the World Bank until 2015. Yolande has passion for evidence based decision making.




board member

Meghann is a CPA and Bay Area business woman. Meghann has travelled the world several times over and hopes to devote her finance and business skills to helping vulnerable women and children in developing countries.