At Ujamaa-Africa/NMNK we believe that all projects should include a monitoring and evaluation component to ensure that project’s effectiveness in the community it serves. We practice rigorous scientific methodology, undergo thorough peer review and publish our findings in well known international journals. Click on the links below to view our current projects and previously published findings.

Boys’ Study

“Your Moment Of Truth (YMOT)” is an educational curriculum designed to raise awareness of social norms underlying gender-based violence (GBV).it perpetuates improved attitudes and behaviors amongst male high school students in urban slums of Nairobi.

1250 adolescent boys from five slums participated in six – 2 hour sessions designed to raise boys’ awareness of the social stereotypes that promote GBV in Kenya. Attitudes towards girls and women improved significantly after the training and were sustained 1 year later. In addition, more than half of this group of boys successfully intervened to stop physical or sexual assault against a girl or woman in the year following the classes.

This study was published in “SAHM Journal”.