At Ujamaa-Africa/NMNK we believe that all projects should include a monitoring and evaluation component to ensure that project’s effectiveness in the community it serves. We practice rigorous scientific methodology, undergo thorough peer review and publish our findings in well known international journals. Click on the links below to view our current projects and previously published findings.

Girls Study

In December 2012 we just concluded our 2012 Girls study which followed 1,568 high school girls in the 6 major slums in Nairobi. They all received the Ujamaa/NMNK 6 week Self Defense and Personal Empowerment course at the beginning of 2012. We then returned after one year to see if the classes had an impact on the incidence of rape. The results are once again dramatic.

  1. High annual incidence of rape at 17.8% in the past one year prior to the intervention.
  2. Reduced the annual incidence to 11.0% after the Self Defense/Personal Empowerment training.
  3. Over 50% of the girls used the skills to stop a rapist in the year following the intervention.
  4. This study was published in “The Pediatrics”