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NO Means NO Kenya 2011 Self-Defense Study

This study investigated the relationship between Empowerment-Defense training and the reduction in rape in the urban slum of Korogocho, Nairobi. We proved for the first time that Empowerment-Defense can dramatically reduce the incidence of rape in a high risk population of girls. In Korogocho one in four girs were being raped every year. The year after they had taken Self-Defense classes the incidence decreased to 1 in 9.Other study highlights include:

  1. High annual incidence of rape at 24.6% in the past one year prior to the intervention.
  2. Reduced the annual incidence to 9.2% after the Self Defense/Personal Empowerment training.
  3. Over 50% of the girls used the skills to stop a rapist in the year following the intervention.
  4. A 47% decrease in the incidence of pregnancy related school dropouts.
This study was published in “The Journal of Adoloscent Health”