Prevention versus Aftercare to end Rape.

60-times more cost effective than the current “Aftercare” model We teach self-defense and personal empowerment/safety for prevention of rape rather than the aftercare model that the majority of today’s GBV organizations currently practice.
Local Leadership versus Importing Westerners.
10-times more cost effective than western managers We recruit, train and retain the best
and brightest local talent to work for change in their own society other than importing high priced
western employees who require years to become adept at navigating local culture and traditions.
Microfinance for Orphan Guardians and GBV Victims
14-times more Cost Effective than Orphan Monthly Sponsorships By pairing weak and strong
orphan guardians into Micro-Loan groups, Ujamaa deviates from the traditional micro-loan
model which allows members to self select their own groups.
This makes possible the inclusion of older.