Empowerment transformation training (ETT) - No Means No

Empowerment Transformation Training (ETT) works to provide simple,
memorable "Empowerment- Defense" training to women and children in
schools, churches, mosques and CBO's.

We believe "Prevention" is key in the global rape epidemic. For far
too long the overwhelming focus has been on aftercare or rallies and
campaigns.It's the natural "heroic" action.

But there isn't enough
money in the whole world to help and heal all the victims of rape and
domestic violence. And unfortunately perpetrators don't attend those rallies.

Ujamaa is a comprehensive rape prevention organization for girls and boys. We are primarily school based and use Empowerment Transformation Training and No Means No Worldwide's "IMpower" system of violence prevention training.

We teach classes in 6 week cycles, five times per school year, with the number of students ranging from 20-25,000 per cycle.